Vet Candy and Sentrx Partner to Bring Ophthalmology Master Course to Veterinarians

Time to get up to date on eye disease with this new free course! Understanding veterinary ophthalmology is critical to working in a veterinary practice. According to the 2019 Cost of Pet Health Care Report by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, eye issues rank within the top 10 reasons for a vet visit. Veterinarians see animals who are experiencing varying unusual symptoms in their eyes including watering, swelling, or itching almost every single day. For veterinarians, it is more important than ever to keep up with continuing education in the specialized field of veterinary ophthalmology to provide optimal care. To help fill this need, Vet Candy has partnered with Sentrx Animal Care to provide a free veterinary ophthalmology master course to veterinary professionals. The program focuses on reinforcing the essentials of veterinary ophthalmology and includes expert tips from...

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