BioHAnce Technology

Sets Sentrx ophthalmology and epidermal repair solutions apart from any other products in pet healthcare.

Millions of doses of BioHAnce technology have been sold to veterinarians.*

*Represents the various eye and wound care products under various brands globally that incorporated the corresponding version of the patented BioHAnce technology.

Patented and proprietary.

BioHAnce technology uses advanced bioengineering to create a molecular matrix of crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) that can be specifically modified for each formulation and particular tissue environment, including ocular and skin surfaces. It produces a cellular scaffolding with unique physical and chemical properties that enhances hydration, accelerates the body’s own healing processes and extends duration in tissue.

Bioengineered to effectiveness and duration.

HA is a naturally occurring substance throughout the body of humans and animals that plays a key role in hydration, tissue lubrication and healing processes. Before BioHAnce, the rapid degradation of naturally occurring HA limited its clinical applications and efficacy in the real world. This patented technology makes it possible to chemically modify the HA so it is more resistant to degradation, while providing an ideal environment to enhance natural healing processes, hydration and lubrication. This bioengineering technology also makes it possible to specifically design an optimal HA matrix for a particular tissue environment.

Solutions with no active ingredient, yet actively support healing and hydration.

The unique crosslinking process creates a hydrogel that acts as a molecular scaffolding material. Therefore, our ocular and dermal products DO NOT have an active ingredient, but instead are scaffold materials that allow the natural healing process to occur more quickly.

The key benefits of crosslinked HA:

Extends duration in ocular and dermal surfaces

Accelerates the body’s own healing process

Enhances hydration and lubrication in tissue

Creates a thin barrier that soothes and protects

Can be tailored to match the specific tissue environment

Unlike many veterinary products that are derived from human treatments, Sentrx biomaterials are created specifically for animals

A platform technology

In addition, the chemically functionalized polymers (a molecule made from joining together many small molecules) in this platform technology can be crosslinked to a variety of other molecules. Not only does this make Sentrx products effective alone, they may be used in conjunction with other treatments to deliver growth factors, drugs, or autologous cells.

How it’s made.

BioHAnce is created by making two modifications to hyaluronic acid. We purchase medical grade hyaluronic acid made by a fermentation process that is free of animal products, which is modified and purified prior to use in our dermal and ocular formulations. Certificates of Analysis for all raw materials are kept at our facility as part of our documentation procedure. Following the final purification, the solution of BioHAnce is sterile filtered and aseptically crosslinked to form the final HA gel product.

The science for those who love science:

The efficacy of BioHAnce has been demonstrated in global safety and efficacy for small animals and in a real-world clinical setting.