Episanis BioHAnce
Skin and Wound Gel

Supporting faster dermal healing and easy application to help reduce risk, pain and cone time.

Episanis BioHAnce Skin and Wound Gel can be used in dogs and cats with:

Superficial wounds (cuts, scratches and abrasions)

Traumatic wounds (bites, lacerations and punctures)

Surgical incisions

Hot spots

Skin ulcers

Most pets experience skin injuries.

From minor abrasions to serious lacerations, dogs and cats will suffer skin injuries over their lifetime. Dermal healing is actually a complicated process that involves many biological factors and several stages. Wounds don’t often heal well on their own so if they are left untreated, they may become problematic. The longer it takes to heal, the higher the risk of infection, repeat injury or self‑trauma from the pet licking or scratching.

Skin and wound gel for pets with BioHAnce™ technology

Millions of doses of BioHAnce technology have been sold to veterinarians.*

*Represents the various eye and wound care products under various brands globally that incorporated the corresponding version of the patented BioHAnce technology.

The only skin and wound gel for pets with BioHAnce technology.

Episanis BioHAnce Skin and Wound Gel is uniquely formulated to support rapid skin and wound healing. It’s primary ingredient is a patented crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) that lasts longer while supporting increased healing activity. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body essential to healing, lubrication and hydration of tissues. BioHAnce is a unique, crosslinked HA that has been specifically modified for the epidermal environment of dogs and cats. It creates a cellular matrix of modified HA that naturally enhances the animal’s own healing processes, facilitates epithelial healing and helps reduce scarring

Proven performance:

its ability to enhance healing is supported with research conducted by a major university in the United States

Accelerates skin healing:

and promotes supporting rapid wound closure – helping to reduce the time your pet is in pain, needs bandages or needs to wear “the cone of shame”

Engineered for convenience:

enhanced duration means fewer applications each day

Formulated for precise application:

the “just right” consistency of the spray gel is easy to control making it easy to coat the affected area without dripping or running

Soothing protection and hydration:

creates a thin coating on the surface of the skin that helps protect the affected area and keep the dermal environment hydrated

Formulation based on naturally occurring substances found in the body:

contains no preservatives or synthetic additives that may cause stinging, pain or irritation when applied

Pet parent-friendly administration.

More complex injuries, irritations or incisions may require further and specific types of treatment to accelerate closure and promote proper healing. Please consult your veterinarian.

A single daily application may be sufficient to help enhance healing and closure in fresh, uncomplicated injuries or wounds.

Episanis does not contain antibiotics or preservatives and does not treat or prevent infections.