Dr Patricia Mundy

Dr. Patricia E. Mundy, VetMB MRCVS MA(hons.) DACVO ML(Penn Law)

Ophthalmology Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Mundy, VetMB BA MA(cantab) MRCVS DACVO grew up in Zambia and was educated in England. She received her Masters in Geography and Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Cambridge University, England in 2005. She then went on to complete a rotating small animal internship at The Royal Veterinary College in London, England in 2006.

Dr. Mundy pursued her interest in ophthalmology by completing a prestigious Fellowship in Comparative Ophthalmic Pathology at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary / Medical School in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008. She is one of 20 people in the world who has been awarded a Fellowship in Comparative Ophthalmic Pathology. Amongst her other accolades she is the only African American board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist in Europe and one of only 8 in the USA.

Dr. Mundy completed a Comparative Ophthalmology Residency at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in July 2012. She then worked in private practice in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. She was lead ophthalmologist for the NYPD (police dogs and bomb squad dogs), Animal Care and Control of NYC, A.S.P.C.A and Yorkie 911 rescue group.

Dr. Mundy has been involved in basic sciences as a consultant for various therapeutic entities. Dr. Mundy joined University of Philadelphia, Ryan Veterinary School in September 2016. She had a dual role at PennVet as a clinician as well as lecturer, to veterinary students, interns, residents, and general practitioners.

In 2020 Dr. Mundy returned to private practice but still maintains affiliations with various academic institutions.

Dr. Mundy's interests include clinical, surgical & comparative ophthalmology as well as ocular neoplastic and inflammatory processes. She has been awarded research grants both from the European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists to pursue these interests.

Dr. Mundy completed a Masters in Law at University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2020 with a focus in veterinary diversity and inclusion, corporate governance, administrative law, legal liability surrounding telemedicine and contract law.

As well as lecturing international on Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mundy is active in the community as a mentor to high school students in South Philadelphia and supporter of Big Brother Big Sister projects.

She is heavily involved in Sir Richard Branson’s The Bail Project, a national nonprofit organization that pays bail for people in need, reuniting families and restoring the presumption of innocence.