Sentrx Eye Lube Pro

We are pleased to announce the launch of Sentrx Eye Lube Pro, a solution to the demand for bulk lubrication during anesthetic procedures and a value-based approach to long-term lubrication needs.

Taking advantage of our vertically integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities, Sentrx is able to produce a cost-effective bulk lubricant and pass the savings on to our veterinary customers.

A value-based approach to bulk lubrication

  • Contains 20% more Hyaluronic Acid than Optixcare: Sentrx Eye Lube Pro uses Hyaluronic Acid and Carbomer to provide lubrication and enhance comfort for pets.
  • Ideal for Surgical Procedures: Sentrx Eye Lube Pro contains 20% more HA to keep pet’s eyes lubricated while sedated.
  • Bulk Lubrication: Bulk lubrication formula provides a value-based approach to long-term lubrication needs.
  • Made In the US: Sentrx Eye Lube Pro is manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sentrx™ Animal Care is a veterinary medical device company that develops and manufactures veterinary wound care and ophthalmic products for companion animals. Sentrx™ transforms complex biotechnologies, including patented BioHance™ formulations, into easy-to-use care solutions that promote the long-term well-being of animals.

Sentrx™ was founded on technology from the University of Utah and collaborates with a variety of veterinary academic institutions and practicing veterinarians. The company’s unique combination of medicinal chemistry, bioengineering, and product manufacturing capabilities allow it to deliver cutting-edge animal care solutions.